Fundraising With MiVeda

Charities, sporting clubs, community groups, schools and teaching institutions provide essential aid, assistance and training to various appropriate members of our community. MiVeda feels these are very worthy objectives and therefore is keen to support these providers with financial help.

MiVeda Organics Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company with its office and manufacturing plant in Adelaide. It produces Certified Organic products that are Made in Australia. All sales are via the MiVeda website and online Shopping Cart (

MiVeda has a philosophy and ethos that engenders many aspects of “giving back” to the community.

MiVeda recognises the extremely valuable contribution that charities, sporting and community clubs and educational facilities provide to help deserving people in the community. While this will encompass anyone in the community, MiVeda places particular emphasis on younger people who require education and training to move forward in their early life.

Therefore MiVeda will work with any genuine charities, sporting clubs and educational facilities (eg schools and tertiary institutions) to assist in raising funds to continue their valuable work in the community (Fundraising with MiVeda).

However, the aim is not just to raise short-term, immediate funds but to also generate long-term income so that the charity, club, school or community service can have a financial income over a long term that is continuous and allows long-term planning for worthwhile goals.

To achieve this, MiVeda has developed a fundraising plan that is novel but one that is attractive for those in the community who are willing to participate (albeit the time requirement is minimal for those involved with the project).

If this seems to be something you or your group or club might be looking for, then we suggest that you ask for more information so you can do your proper due diligence. We are sure that you will be impressed with what MiVeda is offering.

Anyone interested in this possibility should Contact Us.