It might be asked by some…

Are there any other benefits for donors or the charity group?

MiVeda produces a large variety of Certified Organic products that are Made in Australia. So not only does MiVeda promote the cause of buying Australian-made products, but the products are high quality and certified natural and organic. However, in addition, there are no dubious or undesirable ingredients used in the products (and this cannot be said of some similar products that are sold commercially).


Does the charity group need to carry out telemarketing or similar?

That can be done, but it is not expected or required by MiVeda. MiVeda feels the number of donors will grow organically (excuse the pun) because of the high acceptance of the products and the high re-ordering rate.


Why doesn’t MiVeda just give a monetary donation?

If you read the previous analogy, MiVeda does not see any long-term benefit in a one-off cash donation – either for the charity group or MiVeda. Furthermore, MiVeda is not in a position to do so. Even if MiVeda was able to do this, how can MiVeda decide what charity group should benefit? What organisation deserves a donation more than others?


Why doesn’t MiVeda use the charity group logo or similar?

MiVeda has no desire to use the brand or logo of the charity. MiVeda sees this as inappropriate for several reasons.


Does the charity group have to recommend or endorse MiVeda?

MiVeda does not expect or require this to occur. Endorsements by a charity group would be inappropriate in most cases. However, it would be appropriate and necessary that the supporters of the charity group are informed about an exclusive discount code offered to the charity group that allows a 15% discount to be obtained on all products purchased from the MiVeda shopping cart and that the charity group will get a monthly donation of 12% on all purchases using the discount code. MiVeda is happy to help with any promotional content or information dissemination. 


Could charity groups use this type of promotional concept with other companies and/or products?

MiVeda would have no objection to charity groups using this respective concept to increase their fundraising efforts. However, MiVeda would ask that proper consideration is given to MiVeda, given it is MiVeda that initiated this fundraising concept.